Not one for the claustrophobic or the mildly aloof, even estate agents would deem Grey Goose's Martini bar-in-a-van 'intimate'. Serving individually designed Martinis in an artisan French bakery camionnette delivery van, the attention to detail is minute. Filling up a few centimetres of precious space will be an art installation created from wheat and spring water. Not entirely sure when water became a suitable element for decorative wall hangings, but there you go. 


Mind your elbows in this small but perfectly formed Grey Goose Martini pop-up

Pick someone you don't mind spending a few minutes up close and personal with, because there are only two bar stools and about 4 inches of space to work with. Could this be an ingenious date location for the frisky and refined? Keep in mind that Omar your Grey Goose ambassador and master cocktail concocter will be in the very close vicinity, so hands to yourself! During your brief stay in the van, Omar the Martini maestro will be teaching you about taste profiles and mixing up the medicine for your imbibing delight. 

After Omar has magicked up the perfect Martini for your tender tastebuds, you may then re-enter the world; gasping and blinking at the light but probably boozed enough to handle it a bit better than when you'd entered the Martini cupboard. 

Grey Goose Boulangerie François will be open from Wednesday October 22 until Sunday October 26 and is situated next to Harvey Nichols on New Cathedral Street in Manchester city centre.