The Hot Tub Cinema Party is naturally suited to tropical climates, so it was only a matter of time before these guys rocked up in Manchester. Bypassing the city’s famed love/hate (mainly hate) relationship with rain, the movie concept that has proven so popular in London, New York and Ibiza will arrive in the North West for the first time this June. And boy are they bringing some cracking films to get started.

Enjoy a blockbuster flick from the tub, with a lively party to finish.

Arriving at Salford’s Islington Mill warehouse between Friday 12th and Sunday 14th June, the team will screen The Lion King, Dirty Dancing and Hot Tub Time Machine upon their inaugural visit. Quality film aside, there’s also going to be a fully licenced bar (complete with tub-side waiter), a range of snacks and of course 20 hot tubs playing host to a raucous party crowd.

A Hot Tub Cinema Party is a far-cry from an intimate, cosy gathering. Rather, it’s a thriving social experience where guests are encouraged to “dress up, sing, dance, drink and play”, even if it’s pelting down with rain. A unique event offering a great chance to meet new people, they’ll round proceedings off with a tub-hopping party once the film’s credits have rolled.

The Hot Tub Cinema Party comes to the Islington Mill in Salford between Friday 12th and Sunday 14th June. Doors are at 6.30, the film begins at 7.30 and tickets cost £20.