New bar spy - Playground

New Manchester Nightclub Playground Is Bringing You The Ultimate Night Out For Big Kids


Published . By Olivia Cheves.


Now Open

Growing up has its ups and downs. You can vote - woo! You can drink - big woo! But hanging out in the arcade with the local teenagers tends raise some eyebrows - wait, what? Thankfully, a new Whitworth Street party palace is bringing you a much-needed middle ground. 

Playground is more than just a new club, it's a neon-lit, cartoon-covered den of non-stop fun. From a light-up dancefloor fronting a pink tank as a DJ booth and three rooms of music and entertainment, to a quirky Tetris wall, it's the ultimate night spot for Big Kids. 

Set over two floors, you'll find excellent DJs spinning everything from the latest floor-fillers to dubstep every Friday and Saturday night. And while the bar staff are more than happy to whip you up your favourite bev, the Playground self-service drinks system lets you decide your own mix with machines doling out double shot miniatures for £4, and a beer can claw-grab.