Foodie fanatics up and down the city are rubbing their hands with glee at the news that the B.Eat Street gang are rolling back into town. That’s right, the folks who brought us wildly successful pop-ups like Up In Your Grill are back with another volley of events packed with the kind of carefree eating, drinking and dancing that has come to characterise their brand.

Food Fight MCR takes to a secret location in the city next month.

Their latest Food Fight MCR series will unfold in a secret Manchester location from Friday 17th October. They’re keeping those cards close to their chest at the moment, but history suggests we’re in for another exciting schedule that invites some of the city’s most prominent foodie movers and shakers together in one location.

We’ll need something to wash all that fantastic grub down with, so expect a selection of top North West bartenders to be on the scene, as the usual blend of toe-tapping tracks leaves you with no option but to demonstrate your dancefloor prowess as the evening wears on.

Food Fight MCR gets underway in a secret Manchester location from Friday 17th October. Check back soon for more details.