Which Manchester Tribe Are You?

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By Jayne Robinson.

The team at Dog Bowl have identified various 'tribes' in Manchester - with Hipsters, BMX Kids, Rockers and Indie Kids all starring in their latest video.
Dog Bowl Manchester Tribes
Hipsters, BMX Kids, Rockers and Indies Kids - which one are you?
But it seems that no matter what your tribe - whether you like your jeans baggy or skinny, your hair long or short or you're partial to a BMX or a Fixey - there's one thing that we all love to do. And that's BOWLING. Admittedly though, nobody really likes the shoes. 
You can see the video below. Look out for the  star of the show, Black Dog Ballroom’s very own Bruce the Patterdale Terrier in his debut acting role. Looks like he didn't have to wear the shoes. Favouritism?   
Dog Bowl is the third venture from Black Dog Ballroom and is based on Whitworth Street West, facing The Ritz. The venue features the unique Black Dog Ballroom personality complete with its own bar and restaurant offering. 
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