Thursday night saw Manchester's Las Vegas style casino and entertainment complex Manchester235 unveil its new look bar, with a glittering VIP launch party.

Vega Lounge Launch Party

Guests enjoying the VIP launch party of Manchester235's Vega Lounge

Renamed as 'Vega Lounge' (it was formerly called 'Fusion'), the bar has been completely updated with a sleek new look that's replaced the colourful hotel lobby-esque decor with a more stylish black, white and silver theme, and introduced large curved booths around the edge of the space, which can easily accommodate seven or eight people. See more photos of Vega Lounge

The cocktail menu's had a bit of an overhaul too, with the help of innovative bar consultants Escapade who have put their heads together to come up with some unique drinks propositions. Guests at the launch party enjoyed such wonders as the Shot Roulette - a roulette wheel drinking game with shots arranged around the edge to correspond with the numbers on the wheel. Great fun. The £15 Poker Face also went down well; two fruity martinis and Champagne shots served atop a giant playing card. We didn't manage to try The Vault (a cocktail locked in a safe with a smoking TnT fuse to break it open. Next time, Gadget. Next time. 

Shot Roulette

Take a gamble on the shot roulette - one of the many innovative drinks concepts at Vega Lounge

If it all sounds over the top, that's because it is. And rightly so. It's bold, brash and extravagant - a little slice of Las Vegas in the heart of our rainy city. And with the bar being open until 6am every night/morning, the bar is a great shout for (very) late night drinks in the city centre. 

Vega Lounge looks all set to rejuvenate Manchester235 as a drinking and dining destination for gamers and non-gamers alike, and along with BrewDog, Revolucion de Cuba and All Star Lanes - not to mention the pop-up bars currently calling Great Northern home - gives us yet another reason to visit this rapidly improving area of the city. 

Tables and booths can be booked in advance for free - just head to the Manchester235 venue page to find out more and make your reservation