Stop everything! You can eat Roast Dinner Fondue in Manchester

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Roast Dinner Fondue at Bock Biere Cafe in Spinningfields Manchester

This makes us feel a lot less burnt after we fell for that Gravy Bar April Fool's Joke this year...

There’s a lot of hostility between the North and the South and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to bridge that gap. While we can do nothing about the fact that sausage rolls cost over £2 in London, or that there’s absolutely nowhere you can buy Waitross Essential Poppy and Sesame Thins in Manchester, the Bock Biere Café might have found the true middle ground with their creation: Sunday Roast Fondue.

That’s right, combining the elegance of fondue with the heartiness of Sunday Roast, they may have created the ultimate food leveller. Coming in at a reasonable £25, you can enjoy 8 hour cooked beef brisket, classic roast vegetables and, of course, Yorkshire pudding waffles, served with a pot of delicious biere bourguignon lava gravy (my heart just fluttered typing those words). But if you thought they were going to stop at that Sunday classic, You. Were. Mistaken. They’ve got a Christmas Dinner Fondue for £27 per person, where you can dunk sausage and cranberry stuffed turkey breast, pigs and blankets and hazelnut stuffing balls in that oh-so-mouth-watering gravy. And you get to finish up with Christmas Pudding Fondue (that’s exactly what you think it is). Forget the North/South divide: this might just be what we need to fix Brexit.

Get the Roast Dinner Fondue at the Bock Biere Cafe in Spinningfields, Manchester, for £25.