San Carlo Restaurant Group and Renowned Chef Join Forces For FEAST Winter Pop-Up

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FEAST Manchester Pop-up

FEAST will focus on British, seasonal produce creating game dishes and festive cocktails.

It may not seem like the world's most logical pairing, an Italian restaurant group and a chef who focuses on homegrown ingredients, but FEAST in Manchester looks set to make it work. Created by the San Carlo group, the restaurant is popping up until early January on 47 King Street West and has a distinct winter wonderland theme with ivy and tree branches being incorporated into the decor. Chef Robert Owen Brown is the man behind the menu which will be seriously heavy on local, British produce. 

Named as a champion of the North, Robert Owen Brown has created dishes such as Rich Claret Braised Forest of Dean Wild Boar, Hot Buttered Brixam Crab Claws and Chorlton Chorizo and Horseradish Dumplings for the festive venue. The cocktail menu is equally as intriguing with a mix of classic and festive goodies such as Woodland Old Fashioned and an eggnog-like drink called The Silver Chair. 

FEAST is open seven days a week, from 8am - 11pm, Monday - Friday; 9am - 11pm on Saturdays and 9am - 10.30pm on Sundays. Open until early January, the restaurant can be found on 47 King Street West, Manchester, M3 2PW.