The Pen & Pencil are celebrating Chinese New Year of the Dog with a Pug Cafe pop-up!

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Pug Cafe at the Pen and Pencil in Manchester

Look at their PARTY HATS.

2017 was the year doggos dethroned cats as the Good Boys of the Internet, finally being the object of every Facebook video your drunk best mate tags you in. It turns out the conclusion of this battle of memes was predicted in advance, because 2018 is going to be the Chinese New Year of the Dog and what better way to celebrate a whole year of the world’s best animal than a pop-up Pug Café coming to the Pen & Pencil, the most memeable breed of the most memeable animal.

Having toured around cities like Birmingham, Brighton, Liverpool, Nottingham and London, they’re carrying the veritable big stick to Manchester for a pop-up where you can pet all the dogs you want. See, pugs were the pets of the Emperors of China, so it’s only right that they be treated like royalty with a dog menu of tasty snacks like pupcakes, fortune cookies, and the very questionably named dognuts. (Make sure you take a… doggy bag back home with you (haHA)). Meanwhile, the Pen and Pencil will be serving Chinese-inspired dishes and loads of cocktails. So if you want to spend your Saturday petting those weird-looking furry freaks, this might be the paw-fect event for you.

I'll stop.

The Pug Cafe is coming to the Pen & Pencil on Sunday 4th March, with bookings costing between £7 - £14. Guests each get a 70 minute time slot and bookings open on Saturday 10th February.