Preview: Frank and Danse Club's Sweat Party W/ Patrick Topping & Brodanse at Underdog

By James Brown.

FRANK has turned out to be one of the breakthrough new parties of 2013 here in Manchester, bringing top line-ups of well established, seasoned beat herders week in, week out to Underdog.

Previous nights have seen the likes of wAFF and Alex Arnout turn up and turn out the tunes for the FRANK regulars. This Friday FRANK have decided to show a little more leg than usual, flirt with the crowds and offer a line up of young up and coming talent that is thumping the glass ceiling and ready to burst out onto the world like a beat breathing new born. This week, FRANK team with Danse Club to bring you the Sweat Party

Brodanse the German sounding London based house music brothers. 

Brodanse, which is actually pronounced Br-danse (the o is silent), are the founders of Danse Club, and although it sounds like a Techno ridden, Berlin alternative to Fight Club, they are actually from London, hate fighting and love tunes. The two brothers who play deep and dark tech vibes throughout clubs, with their very own unique texture and style, celebrate their 8th release on Danse Club Records, and the recent collaboration with one of the biggest electronic music acts in the universe, Groove Armada. Cari Golden lends her impeccable talents to  'Sweat' (Fresh Meat Records) proving that, without a shadow of a doubt, Brodanse are heading for the big leagues. 

Hot Trax, Hot Creations and Hot Toppings' Patrick brings his charisma this Friday

Lining up side by side by the Brodanse boys is Patrick Toppings, one of Hot Creations' newest hot properties from the North East. A young and vibrant producer that oozes flair and charisma in his musical endeavours. His debut 'Walk On' on the Hot Creations underground dance music moulding subsidiary Hot Trax was just the start, with most recent EP 'Any Amount' being released on the major label recently. He heads to Frank and joins the Brodanse for a night of house and techno driven beats that have the potential to drive Underdog into a uncontrollable, unrelenting dance floor fiasco.

Underdog opens its doors once again to FRANK, who with Danse Club present Brodanse, Patrick Topping and the FRANK residents this coming Friday. One of our picks of the week at everyones favourite Underdog for a mere £5.