Catch 'Em All At This Pokemon Pop-Up Bar

Added on . By Olivia Cheves.

Pokemon pop up bar Manchester

Chow down on Bulba-buns and pulled Porkachu burgers at this unique pop-up event.

This autumn you won't need to fire-up the Gameboy Colour to re-live your Pokemon glory days as a unique new pop up is bringing your classic characters life. Taking place at Brickworks this November the PokeBar is letting you eat, drink and play all things Pokemon. 

Fronting themed cocktails and quirky starter Pokemon-print patties, you'll have a drink and a burger included with your ticket to the bar, but that's not even the best bit. The organisers will also be bringing you a series of live-action games to get involved with from competitive quizzes and classic card battles, to giant interactive activities. The aim of the day is to win points for your team and evolve your Pokemon so you can be the proud owner of some very cool prizes. Just remember not to press B...

The PokeBar takes place of the 9th and 15th of November between 11am and 9pm at Brickworks, Barton Square, Manchester, M3 2BH. Tickets start from £30.