Pickle Backs in Manchester

My mind is telling me no… but my body, my body's telling me ye-e-e-s. Is what your inner R-Kelly might warble as you shoot down your first Pickleback. Your second one will definitely meet with far less resistance. 

For those that aren't aware of the Pickleback, let me elucidate. The latest trend to hit Manchester from NYC is a shot of Bourbon or Whiskey, followed by a shot of pickle brine. Sounds so wrong, but it  tastes so right. The pickle juice neutralises the taste of the Whiskey and the burn of the alcohol, so you can enjoy shot after shot with none of the swallowed-a-wasp expressions that normally accompany this kind of activity. Of course, if you value your Whiskey, then you'll think this a terrible idea. But if you're looking to get blind drunk, and quite like pickles, then give them a go.

Top three Pickle Backs in Manchester: 

Dusk Til Pawn 

Fitting right in with Dusk Til Pawn's naughty prohibition style atmosphere, Pickle Backs are de riguer at this secret Northern Quarter bar where even the Martinis come with Champagne sorbet chasers. Find out more >>

The Liquor Store 

You won't find them on the menu, but The Liquor Store will happily pour you a Pickle Back. Just ask the bar staff. Find out more >>

All Star Lanes 

Pickle Backs are positively encouraged at American themed late night bowling venue All Star Lanes. Get a Bourbon and a pickle brine chaser for £4. It may* even improve your game. Find out more >>

*probably won't