With the Northern Quarter becoming one of the main hubs for interesting food and events in Manchester, the bars in the area are constantly thinking of new and inventive ways to bring in the crowds. Odd (part of the OddOdder and Oddest chain) fame is no exception as a new menu has been brought to the table; suitably packed full of interesting food combinations as well as some classic eats served perfectly.

I had the pleasure of wandering down on a mid-week whilst the bar was in full swing, so much so that we took a table upstairs and were pleasantly surprised to discover it was movie night as well (but more about that later).

odd bar new food menu launchOdd Bar's new food menu looks set to take the Northern Quarter by storm.

The food menu has had a complete overhaul with only a few firm favourites (such as their signature Sandwich a Trois and their Luscious Odd Burger) staying put. I opted for a mean Spicy Mexican Bean Burrito whilst my other half went for the Salt Beef Bagel, both of which came served with a mountain of fries and salad – very healthy!

The new menu has definitely made me see Odd in a different light, with some unique combinations such as the Guinness and Salted Caramel Brownie, which we managed to find room for, adding style to the menu. And I am definitely coming back for breakfast to try their Muevos de Juan (scrambled eggs, chorizo and red chillis served on granary bread – yum!)

Combine all this lovely food with the musical stylings of R. Kelly’s well-known internet series: ‘Trapped in the Closet’ and Odd made sure it was a night I was never going to forget. Try the new food menu at Odd Bar now.