Psst… have you heard about Kosmonaut's new room opening soon? Didn't think so.

It seems that Manchester just can't get enough of this cool Northern Quarter bar. So, following the launch of Kosmonaut's basement space late last year, the unstoppable team are now knocking through to next door to create yet another fantastic bar and dining area. 

Kosmonaut Manchester

Northern Quarter bar Kosmonaut will be launching their new extension in May.

Proving the theory that if you build it, they will come, the opening of Kosmonaut's basement last year only served to increase the bar's popularity. And we're sure that the new room will continue to attract the young Manchester crowds, making this trendy Northern Quarter haunt a key player in the Manchester nightlife scene. The extension, which will feature the same exposed brick and industrial chic styling as the original bar, will double the size of the ground floor space. With enough seating for 40 diners as well as a separate bar, the new room will be accessible via the rear of the venue, where the staircase can currently be found.

With Kosmonaut consistently packed out at weekends, the new room will offer some welcome breathing space for guests - as well as increasing the chances of getting a seat at which to enjoy the bar's fantastic food menu and Sunday lunches. Kosmonaut's extension should ready for lift-off by early May. Stay posted for all the latest new and new details.