The Wonky Disco, the night that brought a generation of dance loving Friday night reprobates into a small club to create an atmosphere like no other in Manchester. The idea was simple, at the time of its inception dance music was a serious game in Manchester, someone had sucked all the fun out of the place. Lots of beards and chin stroking throughout clubs and not a right lot else. No going wild, no Diana Ross as the final song, no fun time festival family vibes that we all know and love. So Micron started and 7 years later they've had more than 60 parties in Manchester, numerous festivals across the world and have genuinely created a night that people crave for. Micron is back tonight to celebrate being 7 years young, countless debut guests have been and gone, but tonight it's residents only. Micron DJs at Gorilla from 8pm onwards, for FREE. We caught up with Gareth Chubb, the so called brains of the outfit, (jokes he's the face of the company) for a round of quick fire questions about Micron!

Name: Gareth Chubb

Age: 7 (His life began as Micron's did).

Club Night: Micron 

In your opinion which is the best party Micron have thrown?
I don't think I can name just one. The very first one on a Thursday in November 2006 was amazing cos it was rammed full of everyone we knew. Another one is when we did the Official Warehouse Project afterparty for Cocoon at what used to be Hollywood in the gay village (I forget what it's called now). And then we've got the "last Micron ever" with Justin Robertson on NYE 2011. Justin is one of my DJ heroes so it was fitting that we got him back. And of course, I played Upside Down as the last song and everyone went nuts! Check YouTube for some ace videos of that party (as well as all our official promos).
Past two Micron guests you'd invite to play b2b in your living room and why?
Well, I would say well over half all did come back with us! You'll remember 2000 and One coming back to your flat James in fact! I'll go with Heidi b2b Matthias Tanzmann. 
If you could hold a Micron anywhere in the world where would it be?
Malibu, cos then I might bump into Axl. 
After Friday will we see Micron again?
Easter Sunday, Gorilla. Expect more in 2014 too, then we might do a "last ever Micron" again ;-)
What is the infamous last song going to be? 
Can't say, but people will be dancing out the doors and down the streets all the way to the afterparty!
Describe Micron in 3 words.
Atmosphere. Friends. Music.