An abandoned space noted only by chalk laden signs. An entrance found behind an unassuming door. A meal and menu that you have absolutely no inclination of. These are just the antics that punters came to embroil themselves in at the first MCR Secret Supper Club.

A unique evening of foodie antics in the heart of the city, this elusive event invited guests for a cool night of quirky catering as Manchester's Finest presented the crowd with a three course meal in a cool abandoned space. From jellyfish to pig intestines, this night was a foodie fling like no other as guests tucked into a weird and wonderful selection of palate teasers courtesy of none other than Yang Sing and YS' Managing Director Bonnie.

secret supper club manchester

Join the Secret Supper Club this May in Manchester for a dapper dinner like no other.

But what about those that missed such a secret endeavour? Not ones to let a great thing go stale, Manchester's Finest return for their second Secret Supper Club this May in Manchester. Hosting a four course meal this time round, Secret Supper Club have once again kept their card close to their chest, unveiling nothing of the menu, nor the location. Your only hints? Expect fine British dining from one of the UK's best chefs from an on site kitchen, and tipples from top mixologists.

Coming in at £50 a head, for possibly one of your most unique meals yet, MCR's Secret Supper Club is a Manchester dining experience unto its own.