Manchester's first cider festival to be held at The Fairfield Social Club

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Manchester Cider Festival

The Fairfield Cider Fête offers more than 100 ciders from UK's finest producers.

Tired of being stuck with only one or two options at bars? If you can relate, this message has reached you just in time. There’s a new drink festival heading to town, but this time it isn’t for beer, gin or wine. Cider lovers can finally rejoice at Manchester’s very first dedicated festival, championing craft ciders from the UK’s finest producers. To be held at Fairfield Social Club on 27th and 28th July, The Fairfield Cider Fête will have three sessions – one on Friday, two on Saturday – and providing more than 100 ciders from more than 20 suppliers.

The festival features three bars serving 14 kegs and 8 hand pulls. GRUB and Hogan’s Cider are teaming up to put on the event and promise to keep it as affordable as possible. Tickets earn you entry to the festival as well as your very own fête glass. Individual producers and drinks have yet to be announced, but that hasn’t stopped the city’s biggest cider hunters - if the event proves really popular, an additional Sunday session may be opened. 

The Fairfield Cider Fête will be held at the Fairfield Social Club on Temperance Street, M12 6HR. Sessions take place 5pm-11pm on Friday 27th July, and then 12pm-5pm and 6pm-11pm on Saturday 28th July. Tickets are £5.92.