Manchester Literature Festival

Manchester Literature Festival runs from the 7th October to the 21st October throughout the city.

The Manchester Literature Festival is fast becoming a staple of Manchester's cultural calendar, with the entire city turning out in love of the written and spoken word. This year features great talks from established writers such as Jo Nesbø, Patrick Ness, Neil Gaiman and Helen Fielding, as well as a number of talks from emerging writers and groups. We've picked out some of the highlights of the two week event that runs from the 7th October to the 21st below.

Patrick Ness

Tuesday 8th October, Manchester Town Hall, 7pm

 Patrick Ness - Manchester Literature Festival

 Patrick Ness talks about his new novel, The Crane Wife

Following his critical and commercial successes with his novels aimed at young adults, most notably the Chaos Walking trilogy, Patrick Ness discusses his new adult book called The Crane Wife. His new novel is based on a japanese folk tale, and it's reading will also be complimented by The Bookshop Band, a three-piece band from Bath who are well known for their songs that are inspired by novels. 

Afternoon Tea with Adam Riordan

Wednesday 9th October, Midland Hotel, 3pm

Adam Riordan - Manchester Literature Festival

Adam Riordan is the current writer in residence at Manchester's iconic Midland Hotel

Adam Riordan is one of the UK's most exciting young poet prospects, and is the current writer in residence at the Midland Hotel, one of Manchester's most prestigious hotels. The Midland Hotel has recently commissioned Adam to create a short story based on the hotel, which he will be reading whilst you dig into tea and scones. There's also a tour of the Midland Hotel taking place at 1pm, led by historian Barbara Frost.

Great Gatsby Uncovered

Friday 11th October, Matt and Phreds Jazz Club, 8pm

Alligator Gumbo - Manchester Literature Festival
Alligator Gumbo will accompany the readings of Sarah Churchwell with music from the Roaring 20

Ever wanted to know what really inspired F.Scott Fitzgerald's literary classic The Great Gatsby? Sarah Churchwell, author of Careless People: Murder, Mayhem and the Invention of The Great Gatsby, discusses what exactly led to the seminal novel. This will be complimented by the music of Alligator Gumbo, a six-piece from Leeds who specialise in the sounds of New Orleans and the flappers of the Roaring 20s.

Afternoon Tea with Rachel Cooke

Thursday 17th October, Midland Hotel, 3pm

Rachel Cooke

Rachel Cooke discusses her forthcoming book that focuses on the pioneering women of the 1950s

This Afternoon Tea session focuses on Rachel Cooke, and her forthcoming book Her Brilliant Career: Ten Extraordinary Women of the Fifties. The book is filled of inspiring tales of the influential women of the 50s, such as the glass-ceiling breaking defence lawyer Rose Heilbron QC, rally car driver Sheila van Damn and the legendary film producer Betty Box. There will be delicious tea and scones being served throughout the event, as well as a book signing at the conclusion of the talk.

Boho Literary Pub Walk

Saturday 19th October, Midland Hotel, 5pm

Peveril of the Peak - Manchester Literature Festival

Peveril of the Peak, named after a Walter Scott novel and a favourite to many of Manchester's writers

Starting at the historic Peveril of the Peak before moving throughout the city and finishing in the secret drinking den underneath the prestigious Portico Library, the annual Boho Literary Pub Tour focuses on some of the famous writers that Manchester has influenced throughout the years. A great night for some great beers, some tall tales and some fantastic stories of a selection of history's greatest writers.