This week's Manchester Hero is actor, musician and owner of The Castle, The Parlour and The Eagle Inn, Rupert Hill

Rupert Hill

Actor, Musician and Pub Landlord Rupert Hill tells us his favourite Manchester pubs and bars.

Name: Rupert Hill

Age: 34

Occupation: Actor/Musician/Pub Owner

What’s the best thing about living in Manchester? 

It feels like a town where opportunities happen. I’ve loved it ever since I arrived. I knew it was home.

Favourite bar in Manchester: 

Big Hands – beautiful looking rock 'n' roll bar with a great jukebox. I used to DJ there. You can lose hours.

Favourite pub in Manchester: 

The Castle Hotel – It’s actually my pub but we set out to make the kind of place where we would want to drink, so it’s no surprise that it’s my favourite. The Eagle Inn (Salford) and The Parlour (Chorlton) are a close second (I own those too – I know, shameful plugging).

Favourite club or club night in Manchester: 

I don’t go out clubbing anymore. I’m a bit more pipe and slippers these days. If I’m out late it’s usually for a gig. I used to do 42nd Street back in the day. That was fun in a kind of raucous student way.

Secret tip: 

Best breakfast is at Koffee Pot in the Northern Quarter.

Twitter handle: @ruperthill