Mof Gimmers Manchester Hero

This week's Manchester Hero is Manchester DJ, promoter and journalist Mof Gimmers. 

Name: Mof Gimmers

Age: Clinging to my fading youth

Occupation: Writer, DJ, Promoter, internet botherer and reluctant hipster.

What’s the best thing about living in Manchester?

Manchester is filled with good people. They're sarcastic, smart and aren't afraid of spending their last pound on a night out because, thanks to it being smaller than some cities, you can always walk home. There's a lot to love about this city.

Favourite bar in Manchester:

At the moment, Terrace is a favourite haunt, but I'll always have a fondness for TrofNQ and the Odd family. Both these bars have really, really great staff too.

Favourite pub in Manchester:

If the King's Arms wandered over the Salford border, it'd be a dead-cert. As it isn't, The Briton's Protection is one of the greatest pubs in the world.

Favourite club or club night in Manchester:

As I'm unbiased and bashful, I'll say Block Party, Pop! at Deaf Institute and Freek'n at Terrace because I play at them. Elsewhere, Gold Teeth is stupidly good fun and any night that features Dance Lady Dance.

Secret tip:

The Blue Pig is serving some of the best food in Manchester and they have an incredibly well-stocked bar. A real underrated gem.

Twitter handle:

I apologise in advance, but it's @mofgimmers