Lisa Stannard

Illustrator, textile designer and fashion designer to the stars, Lisa Stannard gives us her Manchester nightlife tips

Name: Lisa Stannard

Age: 25

Occupation: Textile designer, fashion designer, illustrator

What’s the best thing about living in Manchester? 

It's home, and it's always been a place that really inspires me. I love that people are working hard doing their own thing. I'm not sure that I would have had the guts to be freelance straight from graduating from University if I didn't live in Manchester. There's a lot of support, people doing similar things, you feel like you can do your own thing with no pressure!

Favourite bar in Manchester:

There's too many! I like Soup Kitchen because of the different nights that they put on. And you can drink upstairs then go to a club night in the basement when it gets late which is always fun. I also love 2022nq; I just had my exhibition launch party there and have been to lots of great club nights too. 

Favourite pub in Manchester:

Having grown up in a pub in Lancashire that my Dad owns I try to avoid going in too many pubs, but The Marble Arch is good and I like Fringe

Favourite club or club night in Manchester:

Wet Play Wet Play Wet Play! I'm not being biased as the night is run by my best friends but it is my favourite night out; ace DJs, packed out, sweaty, smoke machines, great people and good vibes all round. I also love Red Laser and Bohemian Grove too.

Secret tip: 

Cocktails at Luck, Lust Liquor and Burn, hidden bar at The Dancehouse (ask for a 'Dancehouse' cocktail served by Ste Spandex), best breakfast - Katsouris, music - watch out for an ace little kid called Metrodome! 

Twitter handle: @lisa_stannard