This week's Manchester Hero is DJ, 2022NQ Co-Director and long time Funkdademia promoter, Jamie Scahill. 


Jamie Scahill by Matt Comer

DJ, promoter and venue owner Jamie Scahill gives us the lowdown on his favourite Manchester clubs, bars and pubs. Photo: Matt Comer.

Name: Jamie Scahill

Age: 39

What’s the best thing about living in Manchester?

The people and the creativity, even the weather sometimes. I love that there are so many diverse cultures in such a small area.

Favourite bar in Manchester:

Kosmonaut on Tariff Street is one of my favourite bars, mainly due to its extensive beer menu and its outstanding Sunday lunch - seriously one of the best in Manchester.

Favourite pub in Manchester:

I would have to say Port Street Beer House (I think its classed as a pub) just for the huge range of beers on offer. The Castle is a very very close second though

Favourite club or club night in Manchester: 

Not an all and out club but 2022NQ ticks all the boxes musically. Even though I co-own it it would still be a place I would go if I didn’t. Greg Wilson on NYE was possibly the best night out I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a fair few! 

Secret tip:

Vivid Lounge on Great Ancoats Street deliver breakfasts to your apartment at the weekend. Need I say more…

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