Andrew Nutter Manchester Hero

Name: Andrew Nutter 

Occupation: Media Chef and proprieter of Nutters Restaurant in Rochdale

What’s the best thing about living in Manchester?

Its people. So forthcoming, friendly and ready to help - especially on Twitter. The hash tag #ItsNiceToBeNice springs to mind. The diversity - especially in its nightlife - is second to none and far outshines any other cities I’ve been.

Favourite bar in Manchester:

Has to be Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn in the Northern Quarter. Get a banter going with the bar staff and they’ll knock you up a bespoke cocktail or two. Get them to send down some spicy chicken blasts from upstairs to go with them - there’re finger licking fantastic.

Favourite pub in Manchester:

I love The Mark Addy. Enjoy drinks on the terrace or real ales in the booths with riverside views. If you get to know the chef he might even roast a whole cow for you!

Favourite club or club night in Manchester:

Through The Looking Glass at Panacea - last Sunday of the month. Always a fun night that makes you go "WTF". Think dwarfs, crazy cocktails and mayhem.

Secret tip:

Magnum Mondays at Neighbourhood; the ultimate in buy one get one free. Drink bubbles with friends in this cool bar inspired by the New York Scene.

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