We Tried The New Kahlúa Brunch Club

Kahlua Brunch Club Manchester The Loft Review

Coffee and alcohol - why didn't we think of it sooner for brunch in Manchester?

Brunch. Everyone’s favourite excuse to crack open the alcohol early. Who cares if it’s 5PM anywhere, when your boozy breakfast comes with a side of smashed avocado, after all? There are certain unwritten rules to brunching; you’ll be dining mid-morning, indulging a little more than your average breakfast routine calls for, and washing everything down with a good slug of something intoxicating.

The usual mimosa is all well and good, but with brunch now a staple meal in the UK, isn’t it time we mixed things up? That’s exactly what Kahlúa thought, when launching their Kahlúa Brunch Club at The Loft in Manchester this week. Forget the mimosa, forget the mocktail and keep your hand-pressed juices to yourself, Kahlúa cocktails are the future for brunch, and we went down to try it out.

The only problem we had? Deciding which two Kahlúa cocktails to try. Will you play it safe with a Kahlúa Espresso Martini, be tempted by a Black Russian, the Cheery’lua or the specially curated Chokahula Orange? For those not in the know, Kahlúa is a coffee-based liquor created by infusing rum with the aromatic taste of coffee. It’s the main ingredient in that modern holy grail, the espresso martini, and makes the perfect addition to many a morning tipple.

We also tucked into a two-course brunch menu, perfectly designed to complement our Kahlúa-based drink choices. Whichever of the two Eggcellent Kahlúa Stacks takes your fancy, you’ll recognise the usual brunch classics with a few clever Kahlúa-inspired twists. If you’re firmly in the brunch-isn’t-brunch-without-pancakes camp, you won’t be disappointed either. How does a stack of Kahlúa Rainbow Pancakes sound? Top your own, if you can still see straight, or take them as they come with warm Kahlúa chocolate sauce and a chocolate-covered coffee bean.

Join the Kahlua Brunch Club on 21st & 22nd April and throughout both May bank holidays. Tickets cost £20 each including two Kahlua cocktails and a two-course brunch.