As a woman in Manchester, you just have to step into an upmarket hair salon and are greeted with a glass of bubbly as your tresses are trimmed but what about Manchester’s men? Well fear not boys as we have just discovered the latest offering from those cocktail afficionados, The Liquorists, and there’s not a bubble in sight.

Teaming up with Maclure barbers and luxury whiskey brand Johnnie Walker, The Liquorists have brought you the ultimate in gentry grooming with ‘Half Cut at Maclure’. Situated in the iconic Hilton Street barber shop, for four nights only, each guest booking in for a treatment will receive a complimentary Johnnie Walker cocktail and a condensed whiskey masterclass which charts the progress and development of the iconic Johnnie Walker whiskey brand.

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Enjoy some great Johnnie Walker cocktails dreamt up by The Liquorists boys at Maclure Barbers.

Treatments are available for booking from 7pm through 9.30pm each evening. When booking you may bring up to 3 guests to share this unique opportunity to enjoy bartenders going back to their roots. ‘Half Cut at Maclure’ will also be open for walk-in trade from 10pm to midnight with a DJ in place in order to give the space its late night cocktail bar vibe.

With cocktail wizardry from some of the finest in Manchester as well the gentleman groomers extraordinaire, Maclure barbers, this is definitely one for the boys. So for something a little different in Manchester; take off your slippers, put down your pipe and book in to the place where salon meets saloon.


Opening Times: April 26th and April 27th, May 3rd and May 4th

7pm - Midnight