Guerrilla Eats Xmas Beer Bash

12 days of Christmas Guerrilla Eats style = Beer, beer and more beer. Fantastic.

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to meeee ... one big fat beer festival of hop-tastic heaven, of course. No partridges in any pear trees thanks. What's a partridge even doing in a pear tree to begin with?

The beasts behind one of Manchester's mighty loved street food gangs, Guerrilla Eats, are hosting a glorious evening of beer guzzling, hop gallivanting and dirty feasting - all in the name of Christmas no less. Yes, we all love mulled wine, hot cider and a heavily spiced hot choc around this time of year, but let's not forget the merriest alcohol of them all. BEER. There's nothing warmer or fuzzier (on the eyes) than donning that snuggly beer jacket come your December festive frolics. Where's the Chardonnay you say? Bah-humbug! What nonsensical jibber-jabber. 

Find your slackest pair of trou, your loosest fitting festive jumper and prepare for an almighty food and drink feast like you've never seen before. Some of the North's biggest and flavourful street food vendors (Fat Annie's, Rudys Pizza and Dirty Food Revolution to name a few) are in tow to dish out some hella tasty nosh. But, more importantly, there will be a huge hop heavy 20 keg and cask offering of local craft brewery beers. Showcasing some of Manchester's most cherished labels, you can expect: Magic Rock, The Five Points Brewing Company, Weird Beard Brew, Quantum, Magic Rock Brewing and Redwillow. We can already feel the beer sweats. 

Do our favourite, red-coated, big, beer-bellied chap proud and raise a pint to Father Christmas. This one is for you Santa. 

Guerrilla Eats Xmas Beer Bash is on 19th December 5pm 'til 11pm @ Blossom Street, Ancoats M4 5AF