Drunken Butcher Kosmonaut Supper Club: A Night at the Movies

Mouth-watering meats and tenderised treats are what this supper club is all about. (Image credits: Starlings Photography www.facebook.com/drunkenbutcher/photos)

That lary lad known better as The Drunken Butcher with his meat carving craft and slicing techniques will be taking to Kosmonaut's kitchen for some cheffing tomfoolery and banquet style butchering. 

More formerly known as Iain Devine, with a penchant for big screen classics, The Drunken Butcher has curated a supper club of cinematic inspired dishes so you can chow down on a 6 course feast including dessert (yes) and see if any of your favourite films are plucked for a palatable slaughter. Devine's Drunken Butcher status has come from his tantalising exploration of traditional and Modern culinary styles. Fusing flavours sweet, savoury and sour, his mastery of meats is something to behold, and there's plenty of tender, juicy morsels packed into this Kosmonaut set.

If Craig is your Bond boy and Casino Royale your kind of gamblers game, then his Caviar Canapé opener should set the senses off nicely. You can even wash it down with a specially matched drink for a little extra dollar (the Vesper Martini has our eye). Moving on to chunkier hunks (of meat, not man) there will be a Big Kahuna Slider Burger for all you Pulp Fiction fanatics with a Marcellus Wallace’s Soul libation up for guzzling. With a Mafia inspired meal next, is it any wonder The Godfather crops up serving a Pasta and Sunday Gravy dish? No, it's not. There's liver for those who like to 'silence lambs' and White Russian Ice Cream as the pièce de résistance from that oh-so-cool grey haired guy, Lebowski. 

Hungry yet? So are we.

This event takes place at Kosmonaut on Tuesday 31st March from 7pm until 11pm. Tickets are £22 with the optional drinks pairing costing an extra £18.