Coronation Street moves to Media City

As the old chant goes, they don't drink in the Woolpack, because that's Emmerdale, they don't drink in the Queen Vic, because that's Eastenders! You'll find them in the Rovers, not for much longer. Wait... what?

Yes, Coronation Street is moving from its Great John Street set of 52 years and down to the metropolis of all things media in Salford, Media City. Fear not, they will still be drinking in the Rovers on screen though with the brand new replica set ready for filming. The after work drinks won't be in the swanky city centre bars any more. Aside from certain cast members that religiously pop in to see our friends at The Circle Club on a weekend, the City Centre might very well be a soap star free zone.

So if you fancy a chance of chatting up Sally or dancing with Roy, or enjoying an ale with Gail or some fizz with...(sighs) Fizz, then take a look around the likes of Damson and The Dock Yard in Media City, they're about to be graced by a whole new street-worth of stars.