disco soup manchester Alongside recycling waste food, Disco Soup will also be serving delicious cocktails in the evening to accompany a number of live performances from local bands and DJs. 

As the centrepiece of a mini food waste festival, Disco Soup will be coming to Manchester on the 20th June to spread their message against unnecessary food waste. The festival is organised by the Real Junk Food Project, an initiative launched in 2013 that's aimed at reduce the amount of food that goes to waste each year. Currently around 40% of the total amount of food produced each year is wasted.

Disco Soup is certainly a project worth taking notice of. On the day of the event, guests will be invited to let their culinary juices flow as they chop, peel and cut their way through piles of food that would have otherwise have probably gone straight into the bin. With the prep done, Disco Soup's chefs then begin using the raw ingredients to produce a variety of different soups, broths and blends. 

The event doesn't just end after everyone's finished their delicious meals. After sunset, in partnership with Shebeen and Grub Manchester, they'll be a number of live performances from local bands and DJ sets, and guests will have the chance to sample a delicious range of cocktails and beers.

Best of all, there's no price tag attached to any this; the event is free and open to everyone. Just like the Real Junk Food Project, Disco Soup feel their system of recycling transcends any conventional monetary systems, and instead allows visitors to use their skills, and not just their wallets, to enjoy delicious food. Guests do, however, have the chance to make a pay-as-you-feel donation, based on how much they've enjoyed the food and day's festivities.

disco soup pop-up manchester food and drink

Don't make haste for food waste, not when these guys are having so much fun with it!

Disco Soup first began converting wasted food into delicious dishes in France in 2012. Their crusade against chronic wasters recently received a boost when the French National Assembly passed a law forbidding local supermarkets and restaurants from simply dumping their unsold produce, instead forcing them to donate leftovers to local charities. 

Throughout the Summer, be sure to keep a lookout for the name Disco Soup. They'll be organising pop-up events all over the place while they try to find a permanent spot in Manchester's city centre. 

Disco Soup will be in Manchester on Saturday, 20th June at the Wonder Inn, 29 Shudehill, M4 2AF. Opening hours 1pm-1am.