Manchester Food and Drink Festival is right around the corner, culminating as always in the annual MFDF Awards. As sponsors of this year's Bar of the Year award, DesignMyNight caught up with all of the award nominees to find out why they should get your vote. Next up is Northern Quarter cocktail bar and diner, Kosmonaut

Pasta Paul Kosmonaut

Events and Music Manager Pasta Paul tells us why Kosmonaut should get your vote.

Name & occupation:

Pasta Paul, Events and Music     

Name of bar: 


Sum up your bar in three words:

Post-industrial hideaway. 

How long have you been open, and how has the bar changed in that time?

We've been open a year and it's only really our size that has changed. We aim to keep our standards high and our outlook engaging. 


Photo: Sebastian Matthes

What aspect of your bar are you most proud of?

That despite being open for such a short time we already have a loyal following of regulars who we adore. 

What do you think makes your bar unique?

The quality of our offering and our atmosphere. 

What’s your signature drink?

Blue WKD. Just kidding. Anything good - be it classic cocktails, craft beer,  single-vineyard organic wines or spirits made up mountains in Peru. 

What makes a great bar in your opinion?

Somewhere that puts its guests first when making decisions about its direction. This ensures that they will always receive the very best that you are capable of. 


Photo: Sebastian Matthes

What would it mean to you to win this award?

That we're going in the right direction. 

Why should people vote for you?

Because they like us!

Have Kosmonaut got your vote? Vote for them now at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival website. Voting closes on Monday 1st October. 

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