The team at Cloud 23 are no strangers to extravagance. Located atop the Hilton Hotel and boasting striking views of the Manchester metropolis, the bar is a sure-fire bet for those who like their cocktail mixed in with a dash of sky-high elegance. Now there’s even more of a reason to visit, as this prized Deansgate hangout wheels out a line-up of limited edition cocktails, each paying tribute to Manchester’s decorated history in its own quirky way.

First up is the Mission to Manchester, which pays tribute to the significance of the Iwakura Mission of 1872 in incredibly eye-pleasing style. The oriental twist runs deep, with this delicious blend of Hendricks Gin, Sake, Genmaicha Tea Syrup and Yuzu presented in a bowl with chopsticks for company. It’s almost too pretty to actually drink.

(Photo Credit: Viva Lifestyle) Creativity is key with Cloud 23's string of limited edition historical cocktails.

Next under the spotlight is the Cornetto Di Cloud, which takes the exceptional aesthetic theme and runs with it. Recognising the city’s crucial role in creating the ice-cream cone, it goes without saying that this is a must if you’re a sucker for all things sweet. Coming at us in the shape of an indulgent cone, bartenders shake up a mix of Belvedere Black Raspberry, Cassis and vanilla cream, with a handful of 100s and 1000s for decoration.

If George Best, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo were planning a night out, what would they drink? Probably the 7’s Club, a Haig Club-heavy cocktail that’s been mixed up in their honour. Yep, this is Club 23’s tribute to the prestige of United’s number 7 shirt, and it’s coming to the table perched on its own miniature football pitch. City fans might want to give this one a swerve.

(Photo Credit: Viva Lifestyle) A cocktail designed for the red half of Manchester.

There’s no place like home, especially when you live at the top of the Beetham Tower. Cloud 23 recognise the beauty of their surroundings with a drink of Stratospheric dimensions. Throwing together a choice of CirocRed Berry & Tanqueray 10, raspberry, passion fruit and champagne, this crackerjack comes served in arguably the tallest cocktail glass in the world, ever.

Finally, the venue breathes a Mancunian-themed lease of life into the age old Harvey Wallbanger. A mixture that first made its way to the UK via Manchester in the 70s, pop in on Cloud 23 in the present day to find this infectious favourite blending Ketel One Vodka and Galliano Sweet Herbel liqueur served with a handsome chunk of Orange-flavoured ice.

(Photo Credit: Viva Lifestyle) A rejuvenated classic brings down the curtain on this liquid tour of Manchester's past.