Breaking Bad themed bar let's you cook up your own cocktails

Last updated . By Faith Strickland.

ABQ Breaking Bad Bar Manchester

Following world-wide success, the Breaking Bad-themed pop-up, ABQ, is coming to Manchester in summer 2018.

From wearing a fluorescent yellow hazmat suit to mixing up your own potent chemical creations, ABQ is bringing the Breaking Bad series to life. Organised by the Lollipop collective, the pop-up bar started life in London two years ago, and following sell-out success in both the capital and internationally, is finally coming to Manchester this summer. Taking place in a giant American RV turned lab, the immersive experience has you living out any Walter White and Jesse Pinkman fantasies while slurping your way through a series of delicious cocktails.

The experience takes place over two hours; once you're appropriately dressed in protective gear, it's up to you to use your manuals to create two drinks. Forget shaking and stirring, however, these drinks need dry ice infusion, nitrogen cavitation and chemicals. Up to 30 people can fit in the giant vehicle at any one time, but following rave reviews, we have a feeling tickets won't last long.

ABQ is coming to Manchester sometime in April 2018; tickets will cost between £25 - £35 and include two hours in the RV along with three cocktails.