From Ghana To Ethiopia: The Best African Restaurants In Manchester

Looking for timtimo? After mouthfuls of fluffy jollof? Or maybe bunny chow is more your jam? Spanning many countries across the continent, from Ghana to Ethiopia and all the way south, our guide to the best African restaurants in Manchester has your craving covered. Read on to find out more (you know you want to).


Ethiopian: House Of Habesha

House of Habesha pride themselves on authentic, home-style dishes from Eritrea. With an ethos that food is for the soul as well as the stomach, they're creating comforting plates at their Oxford Road plot and encouraging sharing for a communal feel. The spicy timtimo with red lentils, onions, garlic and berbere is a stand-out.

House Of Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

It's mostly vegan here, but the kulwa lamb stew is equally worth a taste.

Ghanaian: Cape Coast Restaurant Manchester

For a taste of Ghanaian grub, Cape Coast Restaurant Manchester is where to head. We love the waakye with beef stew, grilled tilapia and pounded yam here. For your home away from home or the chance to try something new, this is it. Otherwise, there are late-night DJs and special occasion buffets to celebrate big calendar events too.

Cape Coast Ghanaian Restaurant Manchester | DesignMynight

A Ghanaian restaurant in Manchester, Cape Coast delves out all the favourites.

South African: Chakalaka

Chakalaka is a South African restaurant in Manchester, one where bright yellow walls and flag-covered bunting await. This NQ favourite serves the likes of chicken sosatie - skewers on pomegranate salad with a side of pap, rice or fries and dips for dunking - alongside bunny chow (hollowed bread filled with house curry) and boerewors sausage stuffed inside a brioche bun.

Chakalaka South African Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

This African restaurant in Manchester city centre is as colourful as they come.

Nigerian: Ya Koyo

If egusi and ogbono are firm faves in your household, then you're gonna want to listen up. Ya Koyo are known to have some of the best Nigerian soups, as well as delish asaro (yam porridge) and ofada stew - just like downtown Lagos. Better yet? These guys are shaking up cocktails to wash down your home-cooked meal.

Yo Koyo Best Nigerian Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

Vowing for the title of best Nigerian restaurant in Manchester? Ya Koyo.

Nigerian: Soul & Surf

When you need a West African restaurant in Manchester, Soul & Surf has your back. Although not traditional Nigerian, it fuses the country's favourite flavours and dishes with those of the Deep South in America. The result? Garlic butter-smothered lobster tail, jollof and more across huge plates. Plus, it's halal too.

Soul & Surf Halal African Food Manchester | DesignMyNight

For halal African food in Manchester, check out Soul & Surf.

Eritrean: Beilul Restaurant

A top pick for an East African restaurant in Manchester, Beilul is known for authentic flavours and traditional cooking. Don't forget the mahberawi sharers on your visit, which here include 12 delicacies on a round Ethiopian platter - all to be scooped up with injera and shared between two. Swoon.

Beilul Eritrean Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

Eritrean at its best.

West African: Roots Restaurant

An African restaurant on Hyde Road Manchester, Roots is a party palace and dining destination in equal measure. Thanks to cocktails, late-night opening hours and DJs, it's ideal whether a full night out or a chilled meal is on the cards. As for food? Family-style dishes span succulent goat suya, jollof and snails too.

Roots African Restaurant Hyde Road Manchester | DesignMyNight

With cuisine from both Ghana and Nigeria on the menu, it's hard to go wrong.

Nigerian: Imo Oluwa

Specialising in meals from scratch and Nigerian delicacies, Imo Oluwa also makes our list of the city's finest African restaurants. Small in size but not in spirit, this warm and welcoming eatery has a 10-year history in Manchester. Our recommendation? The seafood special, where you get a choice of red bream, tilapia or croaker with prawns, pepper and rice.

Imo Oluwa Nigerian Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

Scoff hearty fare here

Eritrean: Asmara Bella

A city centre destination that's also one of the highest rated African eateries, Asmara Bella is worth a look. An array of Ethiopian sharing platters await, ready to be mopped up by injera and paired with a beer across the laid-back space. You also can't visit without trying the traditional coffee, which is served alongside a popcorn treat too.

Asmara Bella East African Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

Mouthwatering meals? Say no more.

Nigerian: La Buka African Restaurant

Our list wouldn't be complete without this African restaurant on Moston Lane. Family-run joint La Buka makes sure you feel right at home, while also offering piled-high plates of Nigerian food. The edika ikong is top-notch: a moreish mix of assorted meat, dried fish and shrimps cooked in spinach and pumpkin seed soup.

La Buka African Restaurant Moston Lane | DesignMyNight

Stuff yourself silly at La Buka African Restaurant.

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