Behind the Decks: Tom Oakey

By James Brown.

Each week we get behind the decks with the very best resident DJs from across the Manchester club scene, chatting about the newest releases, the best clubs and the picks of the month. 

This week we introduce an established London party, that has in recent months discovered that up North we really do know how to throw a party. Revolve Records are a young and hungry group of dudes from Manchester, that moved to London picked up a love for head wobbling bass and decided to put there DJ talent to good use and make us all dance to their beat. Well the beats are sorted and now like many before them they descend into the DJ den to distribute as much house and bass the bare brick basement at Joshua Brooks can handle on a Thursday. Revolve Records bring Kry Wolf into the subterranean wonderland and you're all invited, you can buy tickets right here! we got behind the decks with resident Tom Oakey to talk top tunes, Zed Bias and having Skream play in his living room. 

Name: Tom Oakey

Age: 21

Club Night: Revolve

What do you love most about the clubbing scene in Manchester?

There's a huge variety of nights in Manchester.  And what's more is promoters here bring all of the biggest DJs to even the smaller intimate clubs.

What makes Manchester so important to the UK club scene?

The clubbing scene in Manchester is different to most cities with there being a lot of independent underground nights making music the main priority.  It's a real music city.

What’s one of the best club nights you have ever been to in Manchester?

Zed Bias at Moho Live. I'm a huge fan of Zed Bias, who isn't? He always pumps out a top quality garage set. Typically, with Zed Bias headlining, the atmosphere was crazy. They had to kick us all out in the end because nobody wanted to leave!

Favourite place to party in Manchester

South, because of the huge Funktion 1 sound system and the dark and grimy vibes.

Favourite Manchester bar for pre-club drinks?

Revolution, because they serve cocktails, and cocktails are great. I forget the reason why I like it so much, nothing to do with the alcohol, clearly.

What's your favourite tune of all time to hear in a club?

 DJ Luck & MC Neat - Little Bit of Luck

If you could throw a club night with any two DJs going back to back in your own living room for 20 of your mates, who would you choose?

Would have to say Tom Shorterz B2B Skream. Tom Shorterz because of his amazing track selection and Skream mostly because he would be hilarious in my living room.

Pick of the month? 

Club night - Revolve presents Kry Wolf on Thursday 14th November (obviously)

Track - Jamie Baggotts - Angel In Disguise (Original Mix).

Finally, if you could choose one club in the world to go to for the rest of your life, which would it be?  

The Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham.  Birmingham is my hometown, gotta rep it!


Revolve Records MCR 002 arrives tomorrow at Joshua Brooks, don't forget for cheaper entry you can buy a ticket here for just £5.