Each week we get behind the decks with the very best resident DJs from across the Manchester club scene, chatting about the newest releases, the best clubs and the picks of the month.

This week we have the pleasure of sitting down with a resident and promoter of one of the most innovative, experienced and forward moving club nights this city has. Selective Hearing are responsible for some of the craziest, against the grain, monumental mother of all parties the rainy city has ever seen. Starting out in bare brick, beat ridden basements, throwing warehouse parties and making bookings that grow into international superstars, (yeah, thats right, these are the dudes that booked Disclosure at Joshua Brooks before White Noise was even a ting). Parties made to order, different venues each month and bookings that you won't be able to wrap your head around, you can bet that whatever they do, where ever they do it, it'll be off the chain. We sat down with Hugo Monypenny of Selective Hearing to talk tunes, club nights and boozing in Northern Quarter. 

 Name: Hugo Monypenny

Age: 24

Club Night: Selective Hearing 

What do you love most about the clubbing scene in Manchester? 

What's not to love about it!? Well... Except for the absolute over saturation of generic house nights that seem to be springing up everywhere... seems a lot of promoters these days are void of any imagination and just book the same stuff over and over, but thats another story.

But for real, I love the community feel that comes from running a night in the rainy city, all the promoters, or at least the ones promoting a similar style of music seem to all be in it together, you don't really have any rivalries going on, no underhand tactics to make your night more successful, s'all family baby. 

Another thing I love is the variety in music and club nights, you can pretty much go out every night of the week to something really interesting and very different, and what tops it off is the fact there is such a following for all the different styles going on, everything from funk & soul, disco, bashment, grime, hip hop, to techno, house, bass music, dnb and jungle. Manny is alive and kicking. 

What makes Manchester so important to the UK club scene?

The Hacienda, the birth of UK house music, the whole acid house scene that virtually shaped the UK clubbing culture was born out of Manchester, that's got to be a winner? Another thing is the musical output that pours out from the city. There's an abundance of really, really talented musicians located in Manchester, guys making waves the world over. Producers as varied as the likes of Synkro, Illum Sphere, AnD, Fantastic Mr Fox (before he emigrated), Dub Phizix, Moust Outfit, Indigo, Biome... people at the forefront of music scenes all come from, or are based in Manchester... the scene definitely rivals that of London and Bristol, and smashes any other cities clean out of the water, and where there are great musicains, there will always be great club nights. Win-win.

What’s one of the best club nights you have ever been to in Manchester?

Back in 2010 I think it was, Hit n Run were putting on some amazing parties, seriously forward thinking in the versatility of them. Anyway, it was my first year of uni, or was it my second? I can't remember, but that's not important... the night was well, Hit&Run, it was at Area51 (great venue) and featured Mala and James Blake along side a host of others... definitely one of the most memorable nights I've been to for sure.  Another one, was in Room 2 of WHP back when it was at Store Street... I think it was 2012, and it was Marty / Dorian Concept and someone else, absolutely smashing Room 2 (which was a great little space). It was epic.

Favourite place to party in Manchester?

Soup Kitchen is my favourite club I think. Spektrum was ace too. Or just a good house party, some great houses to go absolutely loco in.

Favourite Manchester bar for pre-club drinks?

Port Street Beer house in the Northern Quarter is real good, I like Common and Kosmonaut too.

What's your favourite tune  of all time to hear in a club?

Favourite tune of all time? Only one? Indigo & Synkro, 'Reflections', Floating Points 'Arp101' , Levon Vincent 'Man or Mistress', to name but a few... sorry I can'y name just one!

If you could throw a club night with any two DJs going back to back in your own living room for 20 of your mates, who would you choose?

Aphex Twin b2b DJ Koze, would be really west, but so sick, or DJ Pierre b2b Thomas Bangalter 

Pick of the month? (Track, Clubnight or Both) 

Evian Christ Trance Party at 2022NQ on November 22nd for club night, Evian Christ, Holy Other both playing, and they're two of my favourite producers so I've got to give that props. Track/E.P will be Dense & Pikas COLT E.P on Hotflush, byaanging... Or Doc Daneeka's latest offering on Numbers, 'Walk On In'. A great tune from a great producer. I realise this it looks like I'm just plugging my next two nights as both those producers are playing them, but I'm not, promise, those releases are just banging!

Finally, if you could choose one club in the  world to go to for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Bleurgh, I have no idea... I'm into the whole nomadic club night vibe, moving around using different venues, so I'd find going to one place for the rest of my life instantly boring. However for the purpose of this interview I will give you an answer... let's go for... Panorama Bar.