Each week we get behind the decks with the very best resident DJs from across the Manchester club scene, chatting about the newest releases, the best clubs and the picks of the month.

This week we're helping do what we do best and that's talk about parties. This weeks behind the decks is a special 1st birthday edition. EXHiBiT have quite frankly smashed their debut year to bits, putting on some of the best parties we've been to in the city and the good news is they show no sign of slowing down. High profile guests like Nick Curly, Jordan Peak and Butch have all graced the decks for the local lads and this Friday they celebrate in style with Cocoon's Onur Ozer at 2022NQ! So we made a call to wish them Happy Birthday and had a right nice chat with EXHiBiT resident DJ Adam Martin to talk Shufflers, Manchester over London and tracks that give him goosebumps!

Name: Adam Martin

Age: 23

Club Night: EXHiBiT

What do you love most about the clubbing scene in Manchester?

The scene in manchester is amazing, we have some of the best venues. Theres always soo much to choose from. If you want that big party you go to whp or sankeys (when its open) and all of the smaller party's which I think make manchester. Each weekend I want to go out I have the choice to go big or small, I generally go to what artist is playing where. Most of the time the crowd's are great too. I know people speculate on the crowd sometimes too much. Like if there is people "shuffling" they will brand it as a crap crowd. At the end of the day who really cares about how someone dances? So long as we are all having a good time. The shufflers look happier than the moody guy in the corner.

What makes Manchester so important to the UK club scene?

We have a very renowned music scene, from Oasis to The Hacienda. Each artist we have had on for EXHiBiT has asked where the Hacienda was, so I go show them. With the reputation of Sankeys, The Warehouse Project & The Hacienda a lot of artists want to play in manchester, some would prefer to play here than London.

What’s one of the best club nights you have ever been to in Manchester? I have many of my favourite nights. From the old Warehouse Project under piccadilly to Limbo at Joshua brooks. These are only naming a few.

Favourite place to party in Manchester?

I don't have a "favourite" venue at the moment I don't think I ever have. But 2022NQ where we have taken our next series of events to is certainly one nice place. Gorilla also where we host EXHiBiT is bringing some great names in at the moment. I don't think there is a venue I wouldn't go to, aside from a choice few that we all know about. 

Favourite Manchester bar for pre-club drinks? Hmmmmm, I honestly couldn't say. We usually have the decks set up at someones house so thats pre & post sorted!

What's your favourite tune of all time to hear in a club?

Blaze- lovelee dae, Every element of this track gives me goosbumps

If you could throw a club night with any two DJs going back to back in your own living room for 20 of your mates, who would you choose?

Maayam Nidam & Guti

Pick of the month? 

Track - Eduardo De La Calle- Pink water

Club Night - Mute! and Under at South with Daniel Stefanik and Anthea on 22nd November and Covert have Sante Sidney Charles on 29th November. I'll be playing some tunes at that one as well. 

Finally, if you could choose one club in the world to go to for the rest of your life, which would it be? 

It would have to be Berghain/Panorama Bar, what a place. Words just cant describe it from queuing up to getting in, to the people in there, to the system. Its just an all round experience.

EXHiBiT celebrate their first birthday at 2022NQ on Friday and you're all invited, make sure you buy a ticket right here at DesignMyNight.