Bartender of the Week: Joe Eyre, Gorilla

Last updated . By Jayne Robinson.

Each week we'll be chatting to one of Manchester's favourite bartenders about the city's bars, pubs and clubs. After all, what better way to get an insight into a bar than from the person serving the drinks? This week we ask Joe Eyre, bartender at Gorilla a few questions...

Gorilla Bartender Joe

Joe works at popular Manchester DJ bar, Gorilla.

Name: Joe Eyre 

Age: 26

Works at: Gorilla

You should come for drinks at Gorilla because… it's great, such a versatile place. You can come for an amazing dining experience - maybe before a gig - and appreciate the wonderful food that's accompanied by a great wine list. Alternatively, just for casual drinks I'd advise coming late on a Friday when you can get round our bar and let one of the bartenders take you through our beer and cocktail list.

I’ll whip you up a… Chocolate Manhattan; a twist on a classic Manhattan. We use Four Roses Bourbon, Rubis Chocolate Wine, Antica which is a sweet Vermouth - and a dash of cherry bitters. It's boozy, chocolatey and delicious. 

Mine’s a… Negroni; an Italian aperitif.

When I’m off duty you’ll normally find me… having beers at Temple Bar and Port Street Beer House. We tend to hang out in Kosmanaut a lot too. And Soup Kitchen have some great nights on.

The best thing about being a bartender is… always socialising. You never really feel like you're at work, and when you get the right crowd in it can be a lot of fun - almost like you're on a night out yourself.

Not many people know this but… I used to coach tennis, and for a while coached ex-footballer David Platt and Alan Smith when he was at Manchester United. He was a good tipper.

Come and see me on… pretty much any night of the week. I'm basically always there.