Each week we catch up with one of Manchester's favourite bartenders to talk about the city's bars, pubs and clubs. After all, what better way to get an insight into a bar than from the person serving the drinks? This week we ask Ben Bravington-Sim, bartender at Australasia, a few questions...

Ben Bravington-Sim Australasia

Name: Ben Bravington-Sim

Age: 27

Works at: Australasia

You should come for drinks at Australasia because… we have a nice chilled out atmosphere during the week, and at the weekends it's nice and lively. We've got a really interesting cocktail list with some ingredients and flavours you might not have tried before. 

I'll whip you up a… Rose And Lychee Martini. It's such a simple drink but it's that simplicity which is really clever about it. The flavours really work - and it comes in a James Bond glass. What more do you need?

Mine's a… Negroni probably. I genuinely do like them. Again, it's the simplicity. My old man really likes them as well - I made one for him and it's his favourite drink now. 

When I'm off duty you'll normally find me… at The Liquor Store, The Alchemist, Kosmonaut or The Oast House.

The best thing about being a bartender is… the social aspect. I get to do some of my favourite things - making drinks and chatting to people. We get some really interesting characters - it definitely stretches my imagination.

Not many people know this but… hmm what do people not know that I'm willing to say? I know, I used to be captain of my fencing team at school!

Come and see me on… most evenings, from Wednesday to Sunday. 

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