It's back! Each week we get to prop up the bar, turn the tables and grill Manchester's favourite bartenders on their favourite, tipples, taverns and tunes. After all, what better way to get an insight into a bar than from the person serving the drinks? This week we talk to Ben Bowers from popular Northern Quarter cocktail joint, Cord...

Bartender of the Week

Name: Ben Bowers (the Ben Bowers Experience)
Age: 25
Works at: Cord Bar
You should come for drinks at Cord because… It's very easy going, open minded and accepting of everybody - we love our customers! We play great music from the 60s all the way to present day and have an interesting menu of both classic and twisted cocktails. 
I’ll whip you up a… Maple old fashioned. This is my personal favourite which consists of a traditional blend of bitters, orange, maple syrup, a whiskey of your choice (Jameson's for me) and plenty of elbow grease. It's a very traditional cocktail that takes time, respect and pride to serve properly.
Mine’s a… Straight Jameson. 
When I’m off duty you’ll normally find me… You will find me drinking Jameson usually in Apotheca, Montpelliers or after hours at Roadhouse. Usually with other bar tenders from the Northern Quarter...
The best thing about being a bartender is… The night life. You can have everything from an evening tea party to a sit down Chinese banquet at 4am. If you know where to go, this city doesn't get much sleep... nor do I.
Not many people know this but… I used to hold a three year world title for creative shadow puppetry... that's a lie. I do play drums in a rock and roll band though.
Come and see me on… Weekend nights - we'll be enjoying ourselves as much as you and mixing cocktails until the early hours.
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