Dave Marsland the Drinks Enthusiast returns with all the latest news from behind Manchester's bars. 

Cocktail Competition Triple Whammy

One Monday a few weeks back saw not one, not two, but three cocktail competitions being held - with many Manchester bartenders ready to show off their skills to the likes of Havana Club, Angostura and Wild Turkey. Jody Monteith of The Liquorists came out of competition retirement to compete and ultimately win the Havana Club round, with Amir Javaid of Room winning the Manchester heat of the Angostura rum competition held at Kosmonaut. Lastly, Henry Yates of Boilermaker in Nottingham held off stiff competition from Tim Laferla of the new Mr Coopers House & Garden and Jamie Jones of The Liquorists to win the inaugural Wild Turkey bourbon cocktail competition. As always, Manchester showing the way when it comes to cocktail creations!

Manchester witnessed three different cocktail competitions on one day.

Mr Cooper's House, Garden, and Cocktail Menu

Speaking of Mr Coopers House & Garden, it’s had a high-profile opening this past week with Chef Simon Rogan’s new concept within The Midland Hotel garnering much attention. With the bar tendered by ex Liquor and Burn maestro Tim Laferla, he’s put together one of the most exciting menus that Manchester has seen in a while.

Mr Coopers House and Garden

Simon Rogan's new concept bar and restaurant opened last week in The Midland

Manchester House Opens Its Doors

Manchester House also had its grand opening within Tower 12 in Spinningfields. Showcasing a restaurant, lounge and terrace, it’s again garnered much attention for Living Ventures for its creativity from award-winning chef Aiden Byrne. Read DesignMyNight's Manchester House review here.

The anticipated new Spinningfield's bar - Manchester House - opened its doors for business this week.

Mullen Bartending NQ Cocktail Competition 

The inaugural Mullen Bartending Northern Quarter Cocktail Competition hosted by myself started this past week. Cord invited seven of the best cocktail bars in the area. Excellia were the sponsor, with each bar having to come up with a winning drink using the tequila to impress the judges (including my good self). Veronika Bartakovičová of Apotheca won the round with her Old Excellence, which is available as the bar's cocktail of the month. The next round will be on Wednesday as I host with Monkey Shoulder at The Whisky Jar. Feel free to pop down and show your support from 5:30pm!

Cord played host to The Mullen Bartending NQ Cocktail Competition with Apotheca becoming victorious.

Coming up in the next few weeks we have the preparations for the Manchester Food and Drink Festival including master classes and spirit festivals galore, as well as Benedictine looking for another Manchester winner in the cocktail category!