B.Eat Street Manchester

Shluuuurpy tropical heaven from the Food Fight crowd.

After the raging success of their Food Fight stage, the B.Eat Street collective are moving on up and taking to new arenas in the city for their next exciting chapter. Commandeering cool spaces as per, the boys will be marking their new territory in Deansgate Mews taking over some empty terrace units... the plot thickens.

As ever, B.Eat Street never let us down. Imagine six micro-diners, two bars and a Caribbean Jerk Shack all living in perfect harmony. It will be its very own community of foodie focussed, booze-laden outlets where you can wander this dedicated self-contained alleyway so aptly named, B.Eat Street.

There'll be a mezzanine, graffiti artwork, terraces and indoor heated spaces so wherever the weather take you, it will be catered to. With a three year contract under their belt, B.Eat Street will be Manchester's very own food and drink ghetto. Stay tuned for the Caribbean 'shanty town' Rock Lobster, The Crooked Claw bar and craft beers from the Beer'd bar. We're predicting a cult following for this rowdy, ramshackle collection of the hottest street food traders and barsmiths in town. 

B.Eat Street is set to launch in October of 2016 from Wednesdays to Sundays from midday until midnight.