Manchester’s most glamorous and award-winning authentic Italian restaurant, Rosso, has announced the first in a series of moves to help put itself on the map for being one of the finest bars in Manchester. Owned by Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, Rosso establishes itself as the first and only bar in the North of England to serve the prestigious 1962 Appleton Estate Jamaican rum – where the history and romance of the Rum is evident in every drop.

Just before Jamaica received its independence in 1962, a small number of barrels were set aside with a view of using them to create a very special blend of 50 year old Rum that would coincide with celebrations to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence.

The transformation that took place as the rum rested in the oak barrels offered up rich, mellow rum with a dark mahogany appearance. This is the oldest commercially available rum in the world with only 800 bottles of Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaican Rum – Jamaican Independence Reserve in existence. Rosso is proud to offer bottle number 192 for the refined rum drinker in you.

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Enjoy stunning Jamaican rum at Rosso, one of Manchester's best restaurant bars.

Rosso continues to add to its repertoire as one of the finest venues in Manchester, situated at the top of the prestigious King Street. A beautiful 116-year-old listed building is the final setting of this precious rum’s lengthy journey. At £200 a shot served straight over ice, Rosso offers the experience, the magic and the story of Rum and Jamaican independence over the last 50 years.

The introduction of Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Jamaican Rum – Jamaican Independence Reserve is the first part in a series of exciting new developments of the bar menu at Rosso and we can’t wait to find out what’s next.