Almost Famous is Almost Open!

By James Brown.

One of the most unfortunate events of the last year came in June, when we saw deep, dark black smoke billowing a few streets away from the DesignMyNight office in the Northern Quarter. We feared the worst and those fears became a grim reality as Almost Famous was engulfed in flames and the city's most popular burger joint was gone. However like the proverbial phoenix, it is ready to rise from the ashes, crank up the orders and start dishing out the burgers we've all been craving for the past six months.

Mexican sister restaurant Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn had held the mantel for the short period Almost Famous was out, saving the burger joint from closure is an important part of their mantra, but now Almost Famous is almost open, and ready to take its crown once again. Expect a flurry of interest and a united roar of approval from across the rainy city. They are preparing for the grand opening on Thursday with a week of give-aways, drilling home the deserved hype with free bacon butties all day on Tuesday, free sauce on Wednesday, before "Almost Open" turns into a Almost Famous once again on Thursday evening at 5pm. It's a no VIP, no guest list, first-come-last-disappointed style welcome back. Friday, they open from midday and from then on there is no holds barred burger eating banter. The future looks promising with plenty of burger sauce, shots of Jack and chili fries from the fine folks at Almost Famous. Welcome back!