A New Member to The House of Adventure

By James Brown.

The newly formed and ever developing group behind Northern Quarter's top quality Cord Bar and Simple Bar & Kitchen, The House of Adventure have released a smidgin of incredibly exciting information about their next venture in Manchester. Early January is the word on the grape vine, and the grape vine is fitting with rumours of relaxing Deli and Wine bar at an undeclared existing business in Manchester.

Fyg NQ

We managed to squeeze a little bit of information from them as they told us the bar will be focusing on hearty, wholesome breakfasts, a righteous selection of delicious wines, exquisite cheeses all wrapped up in a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that will be a perfect venue for an all encompassing Northern Quarter soiree. Just another reason to developing a taste for fine wines and the rich flavours of cheese this Christmas. We can't wait, stay tuned for more information.