A New 2022NQ

By James Brown.

Since opening in 2012, 2022NQ has fast become, not only one of the most popular bars in Manchester, but a creative hub for the budding, vibrant pop culture that paves the streets of the Northern Quarter. It's more than a bar, it's an innovative events space that is constantly pushing the boundaries of how entertainment and nightlife mix. 

NQ2022 will relaunch as Twenty Twenty-Two with a new look - and ping pong. 

The success is shown in the venue's recent decision to extend and develop the space for 2014 with a whole new look - and a slightly new name. Twenty Twenty-Two will  be opening from January 31st with a dedicated ping pong room, earlier opening hours and a continuation of the top draw music policy. Kicking things off with a bang, they'll play host to legendary London club night Horse Meat Disco on February 1st - the perfect party to set the tone for this exciting Manchester fun factory.