On the High Street, amongst the hustle and bustle of the Northern Quarter, sits Walrus. A breath of fresh air in bar form, where you can wear your highest heels or your most well-worn Converse, and feel right at home. Walrus is open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, after work drinks or a cheeky dance, so we headed down for a bite of all of it. 

Walrus Review

Walrus is a stylish NQ hangout, with benches and booths making it a versatile spot to meet. 

The Venue

Walrus really is a feast for your eyes. With its beautiful interior and the beautiful people that gather here, walking in, you can’t help but notice the laid-back atmosphere or the bar that runs the entire length of the place. Booths line the front window, and high benches and stools fill the rest of the space – that’s until the DJ starts to drop some beats late in the evening, when the tables are moved back to create space to dance the night away. Stylish, minimal, and unfussy, Walrus still manages to stand out among all the other cool venues dotted around the Northern Quarter.  


The booths in Walrus are a bright spot to sit and watch the world go by on High Street. 

The Clientele & Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Walrus is exactly what you want it to be, whether you’re looking for lunch time eats, after work drinks, a chilled date night or a night out with your pals, the crowd here is as diverse as the vibe, a lively place to eat in the evening, and a fun spot to party at night.  The staff at Walrus are outstanding, and set the tone for an utterly unpretentious place.

The booths that cover one entire side of the place are always full, with table service and a great view of everything that’s happening inside and out. Even when the DJ starts playing, Walrus manages to maintain that feeling of intimacy whilst combining it with a great atmosphere of people dancing, laughing and partying. I couldn’t help but get up and dance, the music that made me want to stay all night.

Walrus Manchester

Walrus is a lively spot most evenings with a mixed crowd of young professionals and NQ creatives. 

The Food & Drinks

The cocktails at Walrus, are designed to match whatever mood you are in from the fun and fruity Ice Pop to tasty quirks on smooth classics, like a Chocolate Orange Old Fashioned. If you just can’t put your finger on which one you really want, the staff will be more than willing to help. I highly recommend the Northern Lights, a concoction with passion fruit vodka, raspberry, elderflower and Champagne. It’s one of their best sellers and after tasting one, I completely understand why, Walrus offers some of the best cocktails I've tasted. If cocktails aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other drinks of the menu with ample beers, wines and spirits. 

When it comes to the eats, Walrus knows all about mouth-watering food. Their fabulous sharing plates come recommended, I went for the Field Plate, and I wasn’t disappointed. Every single thing on the plate was tantalisingly good, Pulled pork, truffled beef, and slow-cooked lamb served with an exquisite selection of sides, breads and dips.

Bar at Walrus

The bar at Walrus is well stocked, creating some of the finest cocktails in the Northern Quarter. 


With its laid back feel, its fantastic cocktails and its incredible food, this Northern Quarter bar really has something for everyone, grab some after-work eats, a cocktail at happy hour, or nab your friends, and party the night away. Cool, quirky and fun, Walrus, may well be my new favourite haunt.