As ever more quirky bars and restaurants seem to spring up in Manchester’s arty Northern Quarter,  it is nice to know that there are still places you can go for a top notch meal and cocktails with some class. Nestled between the cafes and pubs on the Northern Quarter's main drag is Thomas Restaurant and Bar, which offers an alternative to the standard, often eccentric, scene the area is known for. 

The Venue

It's clear from its frontage what kind of place Thomas Restaurant and Bar is, with the floor to ceiling glass windows offering a hint to the contemporary design that lies inside. Thomas offers three levels of stylish entertainment, including a mid-level balcony and top floor club. However it is the ground floor restaurant and bar that really sell this place as you instantly feel comfortable and cared for. When dining on the ground floor, the mezzanine offers a glimpse of the kitchen with its bustle and really opens up the space, but at no point makes the venue feel any less exclusive. There is also an assortment of interesting artwork across the walls to keep you captivated whilst you enjoy your cocktail.

Thomas Restaurant and Bar

Thomas's spacious, glass fronted ground floor bar and dining area

The Atmosphere & Clientele

The atmosphere at Thomas Bar and Restaurant is exactly how you would want it to be. The music isn’t too loud or lacking whilst still creating a buzz; the tables are not too close together, the seats are comfy and you never feel like you are being intruded upon. That last remark is also partly down to the crowd that the venue attracts. People who frequent Thomas bar, whether it be to dine or drink all appear to be there to enjoy what the place has to offer, rather than overrun it. The staff are not only friendly and impeccably dressed, but are on hand to offer information and advice about both the food and drink, and give recommendations of what to order at whichever time of day (or year) you visit.

Northern Quarter diners enjoying Thomas on a Friday night  

The Food & Drink

The food and drink menu at Thomas Bar reflects the venue. It is contemporary and classic but has the individual stamp of its team, with the current Moroccan summer menu being a tribute to the venue’s own Moroccan chef, and all the dishes are beautiful in presentation and flavour. The lamb in the tagine is tender and moist, whilst the carrot and orange salad to start is delicate and refreshing. The main menu offers a carefully chosen array of classics including fillet steak, pork loin and seafood linguine, and a dessert selection to die for. There is also a great wine list offering wines at varying prices, however all of good quality should you not want to spend too much.

Thomas Restaurant and Bar food

Thomas Restaurant and Bar's seasonal menu is regularly updated with new dishes

One of highlights of Thomas bar is its cocktail menu. Alongside the classic cocktails are those with a bit more pep; their Pornstar Martinis being a particular favourite and not to be missed. The menu on the whole is really good value for the quality, care and attention to detail that is injected. The venue offers two courses for £14.50 Monday to Saturday 12-7pm, and you would find it difficult to match the standard of food or drink for the same price in the area.


Thomas Restaurant and Bar has gone against the grain in the Northern Quarter by offering a more classy and contemporary vibe in a sea of quirk. The restaurant offers a ‘proper’ dining experience which leaves you thinking fondly of it the next day, and the bar complements this whilst still offering the buzz of a night out. It's a great place for any sort of evening you are looking to have - whether it be food, drink or both.

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