Matt and Phred's Manchester - Bar Review

Matt and Phred’s Jazz bar is a real Northern Quarter gem. Offering everything from sit-down soirees to dance-on-yer-table jamborees, Matt and Phred’s is a venue you just have to visit. Stimulate your senses in this sexy little jazz bar and immerse yourself in the good vibrations of the live musicians and jazz bands that are showcased here every day. Think saxophones and soul; Matt and Phred’s Jazz bar is as smooth and vibrant as it gets.

The red, neon sign welcomes you into this cool joint.

The Venue

There really could not be a more quintessential Northern Quarter venue. With a stage at the back, tables in front, and a bar lining the wall to the side, the venue is often filled with a vivacious buzz, with people cramming in to the space in speakeasy style. Red velvet curtains conceal an intriguing passage to a secret space; it is the most appropriately discreet journey to the restroom that you will encounter in any of the bars in Manchester. Sumptuous candled lighting and a red haze fulfils your hankering to transport yourselves to the good old jazzy days. With acts usually starting at 9pm, and free entry to many of their live music events, this is a bar that devotes itself to a good night.

The crowd enjoy the band whilst eating pizza.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

An adult crowd of all shapes and sizes choose Matt and Phred’s for a cool and decadent evening. The atmosphere is dependent upon the night you attend and the event going on. The Manchester Jazz Festival saw the New York Brass Band who had attendees dancing on tables and conga-ing to brassy adaptations of contemporary chart songs and re-kindled Brass Band classics. The other side of the spectrum sees gigs such as the Matt Holborn Gypsy Quartet where one can expect to soak in the skill of passionate musicians alongside a glass of fragrant wine and a loved one. You can reserve a table for you and your friends on any night of the week for their events to make sure you have a good view of the stage, or stand, for a more authentic Prohibition jazz joint style experience.

The Food and Drink

With happy hours every day, you can expect 2-4-1 cocktails or a free 10” pizza with every two drinks purchased. Choose from ten varieties of pizza, including a fiery American Hot pizza with pepperoni and chilli oil toppings, a Florentina, with toppings such as spinach and black olives, or a Cajun Chicken one. You’re not just limited to pizza though, there are plenty of sharer options and even a weekend special, which changes each week, chosen by their in-house chef, Nigel. Sip on a naughty little drink such as the Pixies Potion, which infuses Vodka and Absinthe with melon and passionfruit, or celebrate with a glass of Prosecco or Champagne.

Cool vibes, man.


In short, M&P’s is a credit to the Northern Quarter, and is a great reason for people to visit the area for the first time. A welcoming and grown-up bar, you will leave with a new and memorable experience under your belt. We thoroughly recommend giving this fantastic jazz bar a visit sometime soon.