The Northern Quarter is one of the coolest and quirkiest parts of Manchester, so when you’re told you’re going to one of the coolest bars in the area; I think you can be forgiven for being a little excited. This is exactly what happened when I headed down to Kosmonaut.



As you step through the doors of Kosmonaut you are greeted immediately by exposed brickwork and cool leather seating; the bar is tiled at the front and brings up memories of classic American film scenes set it low-key saloon bars. Above the bar exposed piping adds a chic industrial feel and complements the warehouse vibe that the exposed brickwork offers. In the corner two retro barber chairs offer alternative seating and add to the cool vibe in the bar. The smart and minimalist look of the bar is permeated by small but eye-catching design features such as a cool flashing American street crossing sign and the adjustable drinks board behind the bar.


Clientele and Atmosphere

Midweek the vibe was low-key and chilled out with groups of friends and couples enjoying a few drinks listening to great indie/alternative playlist in the background. The crowd was of the young, trendy and creative variety reflecting the distinctive Northern Quarter drinking crowd.


Food and Drink

With a strong wine list and a great selection of beers, including a personal favourite of mine Brooklyn Lager, Kosmonaut is not just a cool bar, it’s also well stocked. The cocktails are another real triumph; with their list being so long, extensive and exhaustive they don’t even list it on their website – ask and you will receive though, just let the bar what you want and they’ll knock you something up, and it’ll be good, trust me. They even do a few cheeky numbers that you won’t know about, a must for any cocktail lover.



Kosmonaut is trendy, effortlessly cool and everything you’d want in a Northern Quarter drinking den. Part of its allure is it discreet location and under-the-radar vibe so don’t go shouting about it too much, just take a few friends and head down, and believe me you’ll find it hard not to fall under Kosmonaut’s spell.