New bar spy - Convenience Store

The Northern Quarter's newest secret bar is disguised as your average newsagents

Convenience Store

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What they say:

It would be just typical if poor tiki bar Keko Moku shut down and was replaced by your average newsagents. But as well all know, Manchester isn’t typical, and Convenience Store, despite first impressions, isn’t your typical shop. Make your way through the front doors (looking suspiciously more like an American newsagent than our ‘only-two-kids-in-uniform-allowed-at-one-time’ brand of convenience shops) and you’ll find the city’s newest secret bar, serving sweets, sugary drinks and alcohol.

What we say:

Convenience Store is like an adolescent fever dream. There’s neon lights, big, graffitied walls, and crisps and sweets lining every surface you can find. But this is a bar after all, so you’ll find booze, as well as ice-cold colas and slushies to give it more of a ‘Kwik-E-Mart’ appeal. In order to find this sugary haven, find their sign that reads ‘Not another f*ckin’ Tesco Express’… or just head to 100 High Street.